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General technical advice for the supply of electrical energy and all associated concepts.

Dimensioning of bus bar systems, including network calculations (load flow calculations and short circuit current calculations), for the selection of appropriate and technically correct bus bars.

Project-based creation of technical performance descriptions and specifications for electrical bus bar systems as turn-key deliverables

Preparation of proposals for bus bar trunking systems, with engineering notes for possible technical amendment recommendations.

On-site measurements at building structure using state-of-the-art measurement procedures, and detailed project planning for integrated bus bar connections and systems.

Creation of implementation and installation plans, right up to as-built drawings for bus bar systems and installations with conventional CAD systemsn.

nstallation of bus bar systems including all connection activities at the transformers and switching units (copper plating).

Construction support during the entire construction phase, including coordination of qualified, specialised bus bar assembly companies.

Fire protection activities associated with bus bar systems, development and installation of functional endurance cladding E90 and E120 for bus bar trunking systems, as well as construction of firewall ducts S90 and S120.

Acceptance and operational (turn-key) handover to our clients.