Execution of:
Network Analysis
Harmonic oscillation analysis
Malfunction Analysis
SVoltage quality as per EN 50160
To the range of measurement belong RMS voltage and RMS current, active, reactive and apparent power, power factor, frequency, active and reactive energy. Each measurement is calculated for each period.
The measuring meter also provides the minimum-, medium-and maximum values of the measured capacities.
The display rate is from 20ms up to 1 hour.

THD-value and the spectrum of harmonics up to 50. Like the other electrical capacities, the harmonic oscillation measurements are also subjected to a threshold control, so as to detect the for the facility potentially dangerous system harmonics with values outside the thresholds.

With its mass memory of 100MB the measuring meter makes possible the recording of max. 24 performance measures and of the 1st up to the 50th harmonic with waveform for harmonic oscillation measurement. Furthermore, the device offers the possibility of alarm detection, with 16 programmable thresholds values (upper and lower values), with a time resolution of 10ms for RMS voltage and 20 ms for the other measurements.